Healing Eczema

11 May

This year has been especially bad for the eczema I have all over my hands, up my one arm, and spotting across my legs. When I was a child eczema was something my parents struggled to control to keep me happy and comfortable. They did a great job of giving me a happy childhood.
But dealing with the eczema was not easy. I’m pretty sure they tried everything. I would take Benadryl every night before bed, I would have oatmeal baths, get slathered up in patroleum jelly and all sorts of betaderms, cortisone  then for a while there was a nurse that would come in with gauze bandages and cover me from head to toe like a mummy to cover my skin in hopes of healing it. These things worked for a while. My skin would heal, and then as soon as I made my way into some itchy hay or grass or broke a good sweat, I’d be digging at my skin trying to find some relief.

Another dose of benadryl and some cortisone before bed would have me happy again for a while. Sometimes my dad would sleep with me. He would put his big strong arm over my arms and his big heavy leg over my legs, so that I couldn’t squirm to itch at my crawling skin.

When I became a teen the eczema had gotten better in some ways, but worse in others. My hands would break out in a rash my doctor called etopic dermatitis. Another form of cortisone was the “cure”. I had very few problems with my skin while I was in University in New Brunswick. I thought I had grown out of it or something. People had been telling me for years that I would likely grow out of it.

Then last Summer (2012) my fingers started to swell. I had that strange yet familiar itching sensation. I couldn’t wear my wedding rings any more because they were rubbing and getting too tight. This went on for a few months and then disaster hit. It was just that little extra stress that sent my skin to its tipping point. I found out that my strong and wonderful Grandfather was having sever health issues, and a pipe burst in the bathroom of my condo causing two months worth of couch surfing and unstable environments.


My body was very unhappy. I had reached a limit and my hands and arms broke out in a disgusting rash. Friends teased me saying I had leprosy. They have never seen the normally healthy Gina, getting into everything girl, being so disadvantaged and even handicapped. I’m glad we can laugh.

Since this most recent breakout I’ve decided that the creams and meds offered relief but didn’t heal. They took care of the symptoms but not the problem. Instant gratification people!

I went to a local Naturalpath Doctor for some help. I began investing in my health like I’ve never done before. I had some other health concerns as well, and now I’ve learned sooooooooo much about my body.

The struggle is with my skin, but the problem is in my guts! Who knew? The problems I’ve had with my skin are connected to the problems I’ve had with my sinuses and female cycle, and it’s all connected to my digestion, which has been out of whack for years!

My body has felt these stressors for so long and gone into survival mode. The nasty rash was a scream for help!


What does all of this skin and guts stuff have to do with healthy eating? Well Naturalpath doctors do medicine differently then the doctors I’ve been to traditionally. My Doctor believes in using natural foods and herbal supplements such as what is used in traditional oriental medicine.

So here are some tips I’ve learned from healing eczema naturally:
1) REDUCE STRESS- practicing meditation has made a world of difference after just a few weeks. I like the meditation sequences found at http://www.quietmindcafe.com I’ve also stepped back from a lot of the “stuff” I’ve been filling my life with. Making more space for flexibility and mental cool down. A friend told me about how exercise helped her deal with stress. It was better motivation then just weight loss..
2) ADRENAL HEALTH- meditation and pace of life help, eczema is connected with stress, it flares up gets worse, basically just hates stress. Get rid of stress if you have eczema. Get rid of caffeine and refined sugar and Carbohydrates in the morning.
3) REST- Get enough rest through the day. When you need a break, do ti! Especially if your like me, getting rid of coffee makes getting through that afternoon haul really hard. Take time to breath deeply, fall asleep for five minutes or take a nap. Get 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night.
4)Don’t use smelly soaps or dryer sheets. Don’t use any chemicals when cleaning. Stay away from this stuff! (Use common house hold products instead like Vinigar, baking soda, lemon)
5) HEAL YOUR GUT– take probiotics I’ve found BioK at my local grocery store it’s really potent and really works. Take it for a couple months and see the difference through your whole body! See a Naturalpath near you about intolerences that are disrupting your gut health. Some things that disrupt my gut health are: Eggs, certain proteins found in cows milk like Whey and Casein, wheat, bananas, Cranberries, and pineapple to name the top ones.
6) Find support- For me this is my Husband, my Doctor, and my friends. My Husband offers sympathy and accountability for maintaining a healthy life style. My Doctor gives me the tools I need for healing and health. And my friends, specifically those in my small group offer prayer and concern.

This is a journey and a struggle. I’ve shared what I’m learning about healing eczema, what are you learning? Let’s take this journey together.

I have been on this regime for about a month and I’ve seen significant improvement. The Eczema isn’t gone, but it’s been much better. I feel better all through my body.


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