Healing Eczema 2

7 Nov

Its been forever since I posted about this whole eczema fiasco. Sorry about that!

Guess what? It’s gone!

My skin?

No no the ugly, red, cracked, itchy, and flaky rash that was covering my entire hands and much of my arms. My post from May 11th on the subject shows only a little patch but there was more, I was in seriously bad condition. 

I was regularly encouraged to go see a Doctor, get some cream for that. My problem with following this advice is that I’ve been doing that routine my whole life. It will clear way for another flare up a few months later. 

This time I took matters into my own hands and went in a different direction indeed! I’d only been seeing my Naturopathic doctor for a few months. We were working on getting my body into better condition for some other reasons when tragedy struck, my life became super stressful and my life long friend, Eczema, wanted everyone to know about it.

My Naturopath gave me a salve to help with the itching and encourage healing. I starting taking some supplements (fish/flax oil, probiotics, B12 to name the main ones…) and doing relaxation exercises. The eczema persisted for three months, and then began to clear up. 

No steroids!

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m happy to say my skin is clear and itch free, my whole body feels better!

What do I think made the difference, what could possibly be the cure to this vice that’s been with me for so long?

It’s surprising really. But I’m pretty sure that what made the difference was salt! My skin started to clear up dramatically when I started swimming in our salt water pool this summer. I noticed a dramatic difference after my first 30 minute soak in the pool. So I started making it a daily routine, if the weather was bad and I couldn’t get  in the pool, I’d dump some Epsom salt in my tub and soak there for a while.

I haven’t had a flare up all summer, we’ll see what this winter has in store. I hope that if you are reading this and suffer with eczema that soaking in Epsom salt or a salt pool will help you too! Please let me know, I’d love to hear how this works for others. 


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