Tteokbokki (Duck Buk ee)

24 Mar

My experiment this weekend with Korean food was a major success! I made Tteokbokki and it tastes sooo good! It’s super spicy and sweet. It warmed me to the core and helped clear my sinuses like no body’s business… maybe that is no body’s business.

Here in Ottawa we have had a LOOOONG winter. It just doesn’t seem to want to end. We have a few warm days and then we get blasted with a blizzard. This dish takes me to summer in so many ways.

1) It’s red hot! Like sun burns…

2) It’s served warm and makes me warm…  like I broke a sweat!

3) This is typically a Korean street dish. When we were in Korea a few summers ago I was exposed to street vendors serving this yummy snack to Korean’s and foreigners looking for something delicious to fill their bellies with.

So if you are stuck in a cold place like me, or just looking for something totally spicy to knock your socks off, here is how it’s done!


1lb Rice cakes (buy them frozen or fresh at an Asian grocer- not dried)

1/3 cup Red Pepper Paste

1 tbs Thai Hot Pepper flakes (optional reduce/ omit for less heat, increase  for extra heat)

1 tbs sugar

2 chicken breast chopped (Vegan- skip)

4 Green onion’s chopped diagonally


6 dried anchovies (Vegan- skip)

1 palm size sheet of kelp

4 cups of water

Hard boiled eggs (Vegan- skip)


Make a broth by adding the anchovies and kelp to the 4 cups of water in a big pot or wok.

Bring to a rolling boil then simmer for 10 minutes covered. .

I added too much kelp but it still tasted fine.

I added too much kelp but it still tasted fine.

During that time, hard boil two or more eggs. (Think one per person eating the meal)

Carefully uncover and remove the kelp and anchovies. Add the rice cakes.

In a separate pan fry the chicken and add to the broth.

Chicken is chopped into small bite size pieces and fried first.

Chicken is chopped into small bite size pieces and fried first.

In a small bowl mix the sugar, pepper flakes and pepper paste together.

Add the mixture to the broth and stir often or constantly for 10 minutes. Don’t let the rice cakes stick to the bottom. I like to use a spatula to stir at this point. Add the green onion about five minutes in. Keep stiring. You may need to add a little extra water at times to keep it saucy because the rice cakes will absorb the water like no ones business.


Now you are done!

Eat this dish with something cooling like a spinach or bean side dish and have a cool glass of water on hand!


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