Something for spring

7 Apr

The weather in Canada is always a hot topic, here in the capital it changes dramatically literally every day. I wish I had a picture of the snow storm we had two days ago because in contrast we’re experiencing some lovely double digits today and yesterday and hopefully tomorrow again 😀

My last post was tteokbokie which will warm you to the core and get you through the last few wintry days we have. Today I’m making something for spring. It’s beautiful and just reminds me of something that would be served at an elegant tea party.

Hwajeon is a Korean desert pancake made of rice flour and served with a simple sugar syrup.

so pretty with edible flowers

so pretty with edible flowers


1/2 cup sweet rice flour

pinch of salt optional

1/4 cup of boiling water

3 table spoons sugar

3 table spoons water

2 teaspoons of oil

edible flours optional

(bowl, frying pan, small pot, wooden spoon, spatula/flipper)


Mix sweet rice flour and salt in a bowl, and then add boiling water, and mix well. When it begins to form a clump kneed it until it becomes smooth.

Split the mixture into two balls and place one ball into a covered container. The dough will dry out quickly, but if you add too much water it becomes quite sticky.

Split your large dough ball into smaller “cookie size” balls. Roll them into a little ball and then smoosh them into a pancake! This could be a good step to let kids help out with.

Fry them in a bit of oil on one side until it’s light brown, flip for about the same amount of time.

If you’re adding flowers now is when you can add it to the top of your Hwajeon. Flip it for just  2 or 3 seconds to let the flower cook into the pancake.

You can eat them like this, or make a little syrup to top them with:

Cook sugar and water in a small pot until it becomes soupy. Drizzle your pancakes and enjoy!

For video instruction visit my friend Maangchi

Happy Spring!





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