Anyone can eat Kimchi

19 Nov

This summer I had a kimchi making party! Many of my friends were interested but almost all of them asked how to eat kimchi. It’s a great question because kimchi has a pretty particular taste to it. I think that pretty much anyone can enjoy kimchi.

The most basic way to eat kimchi is to cut it into bite sized pieces and eat it with rice and maybe kim (seaweed)

Below is my own fusion style kimchi bokum bop (Kimchi Fried Rice). I love this meal!!! I can’t wait to make some for my friends this evening!

The finished product is read y to eat or to go away to ferment

I think anyone can enjoy kimchi!

1-2 cups of kimchi chopped (more kimchi= more spicy)
4 cups of cooked white sticky rice
6 strips of bacon cut to bite sized pieces (Optional)
1/2 onion Chopped
3 garlic cloves minced
thai pepper flakes to taste (optional if you like to make things extra spicy)
Kosher sea salt to taste
sesame seeds/ chopped green onion for garnish

Step 1
Fry the  bite sized pieces of bacon in a large wok

Step 2
Fry the chopped kimchi with bacon.
Add garlic and onion now if you are going to use them. (There is already garlic and onion in kimchi but it does enhance the flavor and texture to add them)

Step 3
When the kimchi is slightly lighter in color it is time to add the rice. Stir it all very well. Get all of your rice red. Add a tiny bit of water to help with mixing. Stir until thoroughly mixed and rice begins to get a bit crispy.

Step 4
garnish and enjoy with some kim



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