Simple Christmas Part 1: Honesty

5 Dec

Last week I posted about the growing problem of stress and frustration over the Christmas season. Today I want to pose a possible answer to the problem of Christmas burn out. I hope this leads you (and me) on a path to enjoying a more simple and stressless holiday.

So here is my sage advice. I believe a more simple Christmas begins with honesty.

I’m kind of ripping this part off of one of my favorite bloggers. Rachel at Clean. Shes brilliant and right.

If we are going to be honest it needs to begin at home.

But not just in your home. It needs to start inside. In me and in you. If we aren’t honest with ourselves about it, how are we going to make the necessary changes? It starts with me.

What do I truly love about Christmas?

What are the pressures that I feel around this season?

What expectations do I have that are causing me stress?

What disappointments do I expect over this season?

Ask yourself these hard questions, and contemplate or write down your answers. I have gone through Christmas after Christmas feeling like they just fly by. Taking a moment to reflect inward and setting some priorities straight can help to unload a great deal of stress… any time of the year…. and help you enjoy the moments as they come. (Sometimes inward reflection brings up difficult issues. Beloved reader, please seek help from a professional if this is you.)

Let go of the pressure of comparison.

Your Christmas might not be as fancy as what your neighbours are doing, but it is just fine. It is exactly YOUR expression of Christmas. That’s special!

Next, be honest with your family and friends. This can be hard. I have friends who deeply desired a more centered and simple Christmas. They shared this with their family and came to some agreed terms for Christmas, specifically around gift giving it took a few years for everyone to truly catch on, but its working, with patience. For others the issue was Christmas sleeping arrangements and others still the issue lies in the food preparation. It can take a few gatherings and some growing pains, but lovingly stating your concerns to the people you celebrate with is the first step toward a more peaceful Christmas.

Most people will be happy with this once they realize that; it’s better that they have meaningful memories

then to have a “perfect occasion” where half the people there are strung out from stress.

Set the example If you truly want to have a more simple Christmas, and you have aligned your needs and priorities, it’s time to act on it. Honesty means telling the truth, it also is a way of life. Live honestly knowing or learning that you are enough even if you don’t come with all of the ribbons, bows, cookies and condiments. Choose what you will do and do it well.

Then step back, away from guilt, pride, judgement and enjoy the season, peace and be grateful.

Would you comment and share one thing you truly love about Christmas?



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