freezer quesadilla’s

27 Aug

So sometimes there is occasion to have your freezer stalked with delicious easy meals you can quickly heat and eat. Hubby and I came up with this easy idea together.

Freezer quesadillas are so yummy and easy to reheat. We completely made them and packaged them so that when we just need something quick to satisfy our appetite we can warm up a couple of these. We either throw a couple on a cookie sheet in the oven or warm one or two up on the stove top in a pan.




Here’s how we made them…

Step1: assemble your favorite quesadilla ingredients. We chose mushrooms, chicken, green onion and shredded cheese is not optional. We used a simple marble cheese.

Step 2: make your quesadillas as you would if you were eating them right now. We fried up the chicken and mushrooms in a pan and chopped green onions.

Step3: in a frying pan or a sizzle pan cook the quesadillas for about 3min. on each side or until the wrap gets a little brown and the cheese is melting. Adjust the heat as needed.

Step4: let them cool! I set mine loosely piled in the fridge on a cookie sheet. Don’t package them until they are totally cooled or they will get mushy.

Step 5: package them up. We used squares of parchment paper to wrap around each delicious morsel then in groups of six we put them in zip lock freezer bags. I did a little more extensive labeling when I gave these to friends who just had a baby.

Lay them flat to freeze initially then when they are hard they can stand upright.  To reheat just place then on a cookie sheet at 350° for 5-10min. or in a frying pan in the stove top for 5min.


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