Micah’s story: Pregnant with Micah

5 Jan

Being Pregnant with Micah was so much fun. I was beyond thrilled to be pregnant. I couldn’t wait at first for my baby bump to start to show, for the flutters to start inside and to tell all of our friends. When we went to the dating ultrasound at 15 weeks things got so real. We were so excited to see that little bean that was our son, developing inside me.


It was soon after seeing the ultrasound that hubby started thinking about names. He came to me with the name Micah and we couldn’t think of a boy name we liked more.  The Hebrew meaning is ‘who is like God’, there weren’t any other names just right.

Telling “the family”
The family is a group of friends that started off as hubby and his roommates and their girl friends. Over the years the girlfriends became wives and then came baby#1. Mama#1 had bought the ultra pack of pregnancy tests only to conceive the first of the four pack. She generously gave the rest to me. I took them and stashed them until I thought I’d actually need one. Well if it wasn’t the first out of that box that I pulled out, and had the positive results!

I wrapped up the box like a Christmas gift and brought it for someone to open at our annual Family Christmas party. One of the boys, thinking it was chocolate, volunteered to open the “gift”. I’d written on the box and after a moment of inspection and uncertainty what the box even contained… mama#1 exclaimed, “Are you guys pregnant?!”  😀

Morning Sickness:
In January I developed “morning sickness” which was really anytime of the day sickness. I threw up at different times of the day and seemingly random things threw me off. I’ll never forget, the first time was at my chiropractors office. I ate a clementine in the waiting room and then ran for the washroom. I was embarrassed and worried about how my appointment would go. Thankfully my chiropractor is my good friend and the treatment didn’t cause anymore upset. Another time was at home and hubby was occupying the bathroom. I could feel my tummy turning but knew the current situation… I used the bath tub. We laugh about that one a lot. The other significant memory of all day sickness was when we were on our way home from a lovely dinner with friends. I knew I was nauseous even leaving their house so when we got in the car I knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. We got half way home (pretty good) before hubby had to pull off to the side of the road. Then he told me he needed something for the car and pulled into a parking lot (box store lot) so I left my mark at the stop sign, then again in front of the McDonald’s and finally in our parking spot in front of Canadian tire. I just curled up in a ball to wait for him to return.
Because the pregnancy sickness was so nasty I continued getting acupuncture treatment every week through my first trimester. The sickness had completely disappeared by week 24, yeah! finally!

Telling my Girlfriends
Telling a few of my girlfriends was one of the scariest things to prepare for. I wasn’t the only one who wanted a baby. For two of these friends I planned separate visits. But the results were almost exactly the same. PRAISE GOD!

Sitting on the couch, drinking tea and talking through our lives I timidly broach the subject, “I have some news, I’m pregnant.”

No joke, both friends in their respective visits literally or nearly jumped on me and laughed and before telling their families exclaimed, “Me too!”

These are some of the most joyful memories!

The next challenge I faced was recurring and quite awful migraine headaches. (That might have been the cause of the last described sickness). These headaches were so debilitating, I would just try to sleep for an entire day. Tylenol upset my stomach and there isn’t much else you can take during pregnancy over the counter. I went seeking out my medical team and all agreed that I was likely not staying hydrated enough. I was drinking a ton of water every day, but I was flushing out my electrolytes! Thankfully that was an easy enough problem to solve and sure enough, the migraines became fewer and further apart. If I did sense one coming on early enough and I got a power drink in me I was able to avoid it completely! I also took a little extra magnesium on a daily basis.


Having my health back to normal and somewhat under control made such a difference in how I felt about the rest of the pregnancy. Plus it was about the same time my baby bump started to really show and the weather started to get lovely again. The world felt like the most amazing place to be. I would go for long inspirational walks with my other two pregnant friends and we’d talk about how we were feeling and any challenges we were facing. It was too much fun going through it all with them. Hubby and I were so dreamy in love with each other. We were always talking and dreaming about our precious child and what life would be like. I loved my body in its pregnant state better then I’d ever loved my body. I felt so beautiful and I loved feeling Micah moving around inside me.

Telling friends at church
The first friend I told at church was my friend Rachel. She did this cute little freakout with excitment. Pastor Greg was walking by and saw the interaction and jokingly asked, “Hey, are you guys pregnant or something?”

We affectionately answered, “Why yes we are!”

We told Sean and Helen after service. We shed tears and they gave us their prayers. It was a special moment we still treasure.

Mosaic girls baby shower

Telling my Brother
I don’t know why, but I wanted to do something special to tell my brother he was going to be an uncle. I wanted telling him and his family to be a bit silly and light hearted but not over the top.
I made a certificate of promotion, from awesome brother to Uncle. I send it in a private message. He (thankfully) opened it with his smart and pretty partner standing near by. He read it and showed her and she said, “Gina’s Pregnant!”

Haha! I love how it took him off guard. I love my brother and his family and I love how they adore their nephew now.

In the third trimester I still felt pretty wonderful for the most part. Yet, comfortable sleep was difficult as I was getting so much bigger and my legs would ache and feel restless. I also found it harder to get around during the day. I was short of breath easily and my hips were wider then I ever thought possible.  Despite the discomfort, I was happy and peaceful. There were only a few weeks near the very end where emotions were running high. I felt sensitive to peoples remarks and I had some unexpected feelings of guilt related to my previous infertility.


I loved being pregnant with Micah. I miss my beautiful pregnant body even with some of the limitations it brought. The rewards of carrying that body around are still with me happily in my memory. The blessing of carrying this child is one I could hardly feel worthy of. I can’t wait to share the rest of the story of how he came into this world.


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