How to host a blessingway

22 Jan

Today I co-hosted a beautiful friends blessingway. It was the 5th I’ve been a part of since my own when I was pregnant with Micah. That was kind of the for runner of blessingways among my friends. Have you ever been part of one?

A blessingway is kind of like a baby shower but the focus is less on gifts and more on the womans preparation for birth and transition into motherhood. Through a variety of rituals and sharing stories kindred women contribute to preparing the pregnant woman for the journey ahead. Here is what we did at this blessingway:

Food and hospitality:


Typically food and hospitality should be kept simple. Putting out tea and a plate of cookies along side a tea light or two would be more then enough. In the case of this event however we had a “grandma to be” with an English knack for hospitality. She planned a beautiful afternoon tea which we all gratefully enjoyed. It was complete with fresh pink carnations, tea cups with saucers, plus a variety of cakes, squares and cookies. She’d even prepared thank you gifts. These are above and beyond the typical blessingway but we were spoiled!


There are tons of ideas you can find online or make up your own. We incorporated a few of my favorites this time.

We had a blessing journal where the woman can write out prayers, blessings and advice.

We also did blessing beads. This tends to be a very emotional ritual. There is something really powerful about speaking out our blessings and words of love.

Finally we did a group art project. One of our more artistic sisters painted a simple back ground and everyone else was invited to add their finger prints.

How do they work? We made the journal and painting available so that everyone could contribute at their leisure but for the blessing beads we gathered around in a circle to present them to our pregnant friend along with our words of blessing.

The next component of our blessingway was to gather around our friend, lay hands on her and offer a prayer. For some, the prayer was spoken only in the heart. I love this part of the blessingway because it’s very intimate and spiritual. Rarely in our culture is it acceptable to act this way. It feels so good to share these prayers and kind touch together.

Lastly, we finished off by giving our pregnant friend some gifts for her and the baby. If you’re hosting a blessingway you really don’t need to include gift giving. We only tagged it onto the end of our event because people really wanted to bring gifts, and it’s the couples first child, so they can use the items. This aspect is totally up to your discretion.

I’m super excited for my friend to have her baby in a few weeks! After being part of her blessingway I feel like I sort of get to join with her in the journey. I love that!

What do you love or hate about baby showers? Would you consider hosting or having a blessingway? Let me know in the comments!





One Response to “How to host a blessingway”

  1. Kristen February 2, 2017 at 3:46 am #

    This blessingway was just that – a huge blessing! It is incredibly important to mention that having loving sisters in Christ means more to me than any physical gift could. It touched my heart deeply to know that I have the love and support of a truly special group of ladies as my husband and I venture into the unknown territory of parenthood.

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