15 Jul

Bibimbop was one of the first Korean dishes I tried eating as well as one of the first I learned to make…oh about 8 years ago. I remember making it in my first apartment when my family came to visit. It was tiny and crammed apartment but they liked the meal so the whole visit is a good memory.

Two years ago on Christmas eve I made Kimchi with a friend. We were both pregnant and unable to be with family that day. We had Bibimbop with our husbands for dinner!

When I was newly married my husband and I would eat bibimbop in a big bowl together with two  spoons. Its a young and romantic memory snug and happily tucked in my heart.

Recently friends of mine went through an incredibly hard time. One of the friends had spent some time in Korea so I always like to give her Korean food. I decided to make this comforting bibimbop for her and her family. They liked it so much and wanted the “recipe”. I didn’t use a recipe as this is a dish you just make up as you go. Below is a list of how I prepared the meal and approximate ingredients. This meal to me is one that must be shared with friends. So today I will share my “recipe” with all of you my friends. ❤

Step 1.
Get your sticky rice cooking in your rice cooker!

Step 2.
Prepare the ground beef:
1lb ground beef (brow in a frying pan)

Mix the following in a bowl together:
1/8th cup of maple syrup
1/8th cup Korean soup soy sauce (It’s a bit different then your typical Kikoman or VH grocery store soy sauce, if you are working with one of these just add it little by little and taste as your go)
1TBS sesame oil
combine well then pour over the ground beef and continue cooking until all is reduced. Taste test as you go.

Step 3.
Prepare the veggies:

Whatever you have in your refrigerator that you can cut into match sticks.

eg. Carrots cut into matchsticks, lightly cooked and salted
Spinach wilted and tossed in sesame oil
lettuce chopped and raw
cucumber cut into matchsticks served raw
Zucchini cut into match sticks and lightly salted
Cabbage Chopped and lightly cooked, lightly salted
Lightly cooked and salted mushroom
(I cook everything except the spinach in a frying pan)

Step 4.
Prepare the egg:
You choose!
2)Flat omelette sliced into match sticks
3)If you are serving in a hot pot warm the bowl before serving, plate everything and crack a raw egg into it!

Step 5.
prepare the hot sauce: (about 4 people)
1/4 cup of Korean red pepper paste (Gochujang)
1-2 TBS maple syrup
1-2 TBS Korean Soup soy sauce

Step 6.
fill the bottom of a large cereal bowl with rice. Place each of the veggies and meat in the bowl as if you were making a pie graph on top of the rice. It is more pleasing to the eye if you separate colours. For example, don’t place two green vegetables right beside each other, place carrots between them. Add the egg last, right in the middle. When your ready to eat each person can add hot sauce and mix their bowl up really well. Eat with a spoon or with seaweed paper. Yumm! I want some Bibimbop now!

Consider this a post in progress! I’ll add pictures next time I make it!


2 Responses to “Bibimbap”

  1. masson0289 July 3, 2018 at 11:36 pm #

    But when do you add the beef into the plating?

    • mrsginabyun July 4, 2018 at 6:35 pm #

      It goes in when you’re adding the veggies. Think of making a relatively equal pie graph on your rice with each topping.

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