Micah’s story: Conceiving Micah PG13

3 Sep

After two and a half years of longing to have a baby, Hubby and I found out we were expecting in December of 2014. It was the most amazing feeling when I saw the positive pregnancy test. The emotions that flooded through my body mind and soul were coming from every different direction. I’ve waited to share this story with the world because it was such a touchy subject I was afraid to say what we were doing and receive any criticism. I was too tender the deal with it anymore then I already had to. I was sharing and processing with many others who are going through similar trials. The friendships born from that pain are more then worth the time and waiting I spent. I also received tons of encouragement from my community. I can’t emphasize that enough. I’m so thankful!

What’s going on?
I have irregular periods which means irregular ovulation. That makes it pretty tricky to conceive… During those two years we spent a lot of time and money on me. I went to see a Naturalpathic Doctor. (You may have read about some of the other ailments she helped me with in earlier posts.) For the first year I focused on balancing my hormones and eating a diet that would encourage healthy fertility and health in general. I took some herbs as well and attempted to live a more stress free life.

The following spring I had seen improvements in my health and in the regularity of my cycle, but I still didn’t have any answers about why my cycle was such a mess. I talked to my family doctor and after a few tests she referred us to the fertility clinic. After feeling like a science experiment I was told I had a very common hindrance to pregnancy called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It was such a relief to finally have an answer but also a  whole new level of scary in regards to the future of our family building prospects.

Our specialist did encourage us that it is not  impossible to get pregnant with PCOS, just difficult. He recommended I take synthetic hormones to force my period and ovulation. I asked if there were other options for treatment and I was told that there were not. Long story short, I wasn’t convinced. I wanted to be healthy so that I could conceive naturally. Treat the cause, not the symptom. I went home and did some personal research and found many many stories of how women with PCOS dealt with their condition, and got pregnant without the use of medications. Using my Naturalpath as my “am I being safe and intelligent” accountability, I dove deeper into the world of fertility diet and wellness. I saw little hints of improvement in my health.

It was that winter that Hubby came to me and said he thought God had told him we were going to be pregnant this time next year. We tucked the thought away to wait and see. This premonition filled me with hope and determination.

One more spring passed and after much deliberation Hubby and I decided it was time for a big change. I left my job working for the church to stay home and rest. I finished my days with an awesome team at the beginning of June, I did a few crazy things in July and early August with my youth group and then I slept! For about a week I just rested and tried to come down from my crazy busy and oh so important lifestyle. 😉

After hibernating for a few weeks Hubby had an idea for me. He’d been seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in the city for years, and he suggested I go and meet him and consider the treatment that he could offer. I went into my research mode again and with greatly renewed anticipation agreed to go and meet this doctor. When we sat down with him, he began by telling me his own story of trying to conceive with his wife for a long time. He talked about how timing has a big part to play in it. He talked about how the womb needs to be in the right condition to grow a baby. Like a field needs to be in the right condition to grow a crop, the womb needs to be warm and hydrated. He also talked to us about the spiritual component of his journey. Everything is connected. I felt deep in my heart that this was going to be different. I had my first acupuncture appointment and ordered a months worth of Chinese herbal medicine. For the next couple of months I visited this doctor for acupuncture twice a week and took my herbs twice a day. As I lay with the needles in me I would pray that this was Gods way of healing me, and I would pray for the many people I’d met who were struggling with infertility as well. My cycle which had been absent for over 100 days came around the beginning of the treatment and then again at the end of the second month of treatment. A two month cycle for me was really close together. Finally significant improvement! (And I didn’t have to take any synthetic hormones which was really important to me!)

My next cycle came 30 days after the first of my last cycle! It felt like a miracle because things were improving so much! I was so excited to see if my next cycle would come at 30 days. I continued to track my temperature and signs for ovulation and I thought I might have ovulated but my signs weren’t all quite where I thought they should be. After years of this kind of  thing it doesn’t really effect your emotions any more. I just figured that we will keep waiting and see what next month has in store. My period was late, my breasts were sore, my emotions were up and down, I was pretty sure I was getting my period about two weeks “late”. My friend was visiting over the weekend and kept pushing me to check and see. She’d noticed that I was eating a lot more then usual and was wondering what was up. Another friend who was trying to conceive at the same time was also pushing me to check. I was reluctant because when you have an irregular cycle you don’t check every time you’re “late” because late is only relevant to a “normal 28 day cycle”, which I most definitely did not have. Not to mention there is a lot of pressure when other people think you’re pregnant and you know how many negative tests you’ve seen. I was scared and sceptical.

The test
I woke up on a Sunday morning in early December about 3 weeks “late” and figured I might as well try. It would at least get my friends to stop asking. I took the test and just stared at it in disbelief. I had never seen the test look like that. My throat suddenly got really hard and my eyes filled up. I gasped a few gulps of air and let the moment sink in. It wasn’t sinking in, I set the test aside on the sink and went and sat on the edge of our bed where Hubby was still asleep. I sat staring into space waiting to understand. Hubby woke up suddenly like something loud and spontaneous had just happened but the room was quiet and still. He asked me if I was ok. I looked at him and said, “I don’t know!” My head was whirling.

I jumped up and ran to get the box and test to show him. He stared with disbelief just as I had. We talked about and googled the possibility of false positive. It was too good to be true for both of us. He then held me in our bed and we prayed asking for this to be true.

I called my family doctors office to get an appointment for the next day so that we could confirm. Church that afternoon was so difficult. We had friends come and pray for us and I felt so deceptive not saying, “I think  I really am pregnant this time!”

We went to the doctors appointment the next day and confirmed that I really was pregnant! We booked our first ultrasound and called our parents to tell them the great news. We had finally conceived! The next weeks of keeping it a secret from friends and extended family were brutal. We only told a few of our closest friends so that if something tragic happened we wouldn’t be left to deal with it all on our own. I’ll save telling friends for the next story, Pregnant with Micah.

freezer quesadilla’s

27 Aug

So sometimes there is occasion to have your freezer stalked with delicious easy meals you can quickly heat and eat. Hubby and I came up with this easy idea together.

Freezer quesadillas are so yummy and easy to reheat. We completely made them and packaged them so that when we just need something quick to satisfy our appetite we can warm up a couple of these. We either throw a couple on a cookie sheet in the oven or warm one or two up on the stove top in a pan.




Here’s how we made them…

Step1: assemble your favorite quesadilla ingredients. We chose mushrooms, chicken, green onion and shredded cheese is not optional. We used a simple marble cheese.

Step 2: make your quesadillas as you would if you were eating them right now. We fried up the chicken and mushrooms in a pan and chopped green onions.

Step3: in a frying pan or a sizzle pan cook the quesadillas for about 3min. on each side or until the wrap gets a little brown and the cheese is melting. Adjust the heat as needed.

Step4: let them cool! I set mine loosely piled in the fridge on a cookie sheet. Don’t package them until they are totally cooled or they will get mushy.

Step 5: package them up. We used squares of parchment paper to wrap around each delicious morsel then in groups of six we put them in zip lock freezer bags. I did a little more extensive labeling when I gave these to friends who just had a baby.

Lay them flat to freeze initially then when they are hard they can stand upright.  To reheat just place then on a cookie sheet at 350° for 5-10min. or in a frying pan in the stove top for 5min.

Très Yummy Popcicles

13 Jul

Yesterday I was melting. I sat with the fan directly on me and continued to sweat. It was then that my survival instincts kicked in and I was completely inspired to whip up a nice cold smoothie with some of this and that, from around the kitchen. When done enjoying my smoothie there was plenty still left over so I poured it into Popsicle molds and, “voila!”

It was the most delicious summer brain child I’ve ever had!


Here is what I did:

1 can of coconut milk
about 2 cups of frozen fruit I had a mango strawberry mix in my freezer
1 TBS honey

1. Add your frozen fruit to the blender and then add your coconut milk on top (so it doesn’t splash you)
2. Blend for a minute or so
3. add honey and more fruit if you want
4. Blend to your desired consistency
5. Using a small scoop or spoon, move the smoothie into your Popsicle mold and let it freeze overnight
6. Drink any leftovers in a pretty glass and enjoy!

Let me know if you try this recipe and how yummy you find it! I know that coconut milk is more fattening then what most people are looking for. You could substitute with Coconut- Almond milk though it might not have the creamy texture after it’s frozen. I like the coconut almond milk in smoothies though! Or just go for it with the Coconut milk, it’s good fat 😉

Love ya’s!


Simple Christmas Part 2: Gifts

12 Dec

Gift giving is a complete joy for some people and it is a stress induced headache for others.

This is incredibly true in my immediate family. My Dad is a gifter. He loves to think about people while he’s shopping and find things that are really great. I always love the gifts my dad gives. My husband on the other hand, really has to put his mind to it to get through the gift giving holidays. What to do?

Well we humble ourselves knowing that we can’t out do dad in the gift department. He’s the boss there. It’s good that he is good at giving gifts with a cheerful heart. As long as we are thankful he asks for nothing in return.

I know this isn’t the case with every person, in every family. Which is why it is important to ask ourselves what our priorities are and what we hope to achieve over Christmas. We give, without causing ourselves or anyone else stress. Remember part 1? Be honest. Find out what that means for others in your family as well.

Here is how I try to continue with the tradition of gift giving without getting stressed from all of the chaos of stores and the cash we leave there.

keep it simple and uniform. The last few years have been a bit tight on cash, and time. So instead of gifting to every person I gifted to the couples or families. A dollar store basket some cellophane, and whatever goodies are on sale at shoppers or Walmart was well received. I also have a favorite coffee shop that I was able to buy small bags of artesian coffee for the coffee lovers basket. Each basket came to about a $15 value. That could still add up if you have a big family, but you can certainly keep your baskets small and likely do something closer to $5 per gift.

Hand made. But only if you can start in September and it’s something you truly want to do! This can cut some cost, but only if you shop smart. If hand made makes you more stressed, then don’t do it! It is truly not for everyone. Sometimes you just have to know yourself a little and roll like that. This year I have been willfully unemployed since this summer, so I have the time on my hands to do this. With one income though, it needs to be cash savvy! Michaels has coupons on their web site everyday. As I have needed more yarn, I go in with my coupons and have been able to purchase every ball for under $4. I also have attempted to keep my creations simple so that I only need a ball or less per project. I’m also keeping it uniform by basically making the same thing over and over again but in colours and styles that suite each person. (Eg. a headband for my 16 yr old cousin and a headband for my ma look a little different) One of my friends suggested writing some poetry or a song for a loved one if that’s your talent. How about some homemade art, wood work, diy creation?

second hand. This was a no no in my family, but I’m happy to hear that some of my friends do this for their kids. Vintage toys, perfectly good used clothing and books are a great option, plus it is arguably a good move for the environment and depending on where you shop your supporting a good organization. I’d be so happy receiving consignment lovelies under my tree.

set limits. Why do I so often feel like what I’m giving isn’t enough? I made a list of everything I wanted to make for my family this year and this list was so unrealistic I had to scale back significantly. Why not stick to one simple gift that was given in love and thoughtfulness? Instead of a little of this and a little of that to make the gift look full and “complete”. This one is really hard for me, but I think it’s good one for me to work on. I know many people who regift, and get rid of much of what they bring home, or it becomes clutter. Clutter steals peace in the home too. A hot way of setting limits for gifting to children is: Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something the read. Four gifts. Still a lot, but maybe more manageable. Or do the $100 challenge. That’s spend no more then $100 on all of your Christmas gifts. For Heavens sake! Don’t go into dept for Christmas!

skip the stuff. Instead focus on memory making! Go see a play or a movie together (many churches have special Christmas musicals leading up to Christmas). Plan your Christmas occasion around activities instead of the gifts. (Bust out some bored games, minute to win it, sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, crafts, making the meal together) Gift coupons! I’ve seen this a lot on Pinterest lately, here is one idea you can use for your spouse to have a gift that gives all year long! Here are some more ideas for how to focus on activities instead of gifts.

One Gift. Something we like to do with our friends is “Secret Santa” or “White Elephant“. These take a little more preparation beforehand, but they make for fun memories and significantly cut the number of gifts you might have prepared for otherwise. Make sure when playing these gift swap games that everyone knows the agreed on budget per gift.

I hope that in all of this hustle and bustle to give good Christmas gifts that you are able to take a moment to appreciate the person you are gifting to and enjoy the experiences that are made during that time.

Do you have any other ideas for simplifying your Christmas gift giving traditions?

Simple Christmas Part 1: Honesty

5 Dec

Last week I posted about the growing problem of stress and frustration over the Christmas season. Today I want to pose a possible answer to the problem of Christmas burn out. I hope this leads you (and me) on a path to enjoying a more simple and stressless holiday.

So here is my sage advice. I believe a more simple Christmas begins with honesty.

I’m kind of ripping this part off of one of my favorite bloggers. Rachel at Clean. Shes brilliant and right.

If we are going to be honest it needs to begin at home.

But not just in your home. It needs to start inside. In me and in you. If we aren’t honest with ourselves about it, how are we going to make the necessary changes? It starts with me.

What do I truly love about Christmas?

What are the pressures that I feel around this season?

What expectations do I have that are causing me stress?

What disappointments do I expect over this season?

Ask yourself these hard questions, and contemplate or write down your answers. I have gone through Christmas after Christmas feeling like they just fly by. Taking a moment to reflect inward and setting some priorities straight can help to unload a great deal of stress… any time of the year…. and help you enjoy the moments as they come. (Sometimes inward reflection brings up difficult issues. Beloved reader, please seek help from a professional if this is you.)

Let go of the pressure of comparison.

Your Christmas might not be as fancy as what your neighbours are doing, but it is just fine. It is exactly YOUR expression of Christmas. That’s special!

Next, be honest with your family and friends. This can be hard. I have friends who deeply desired a more centered and simple Christmas. They shared this with their family and came to some agreed terms for Christmas, specifically around gift giving it took a few years for everyone to truly catch on, but its working, with patience. For others the issue was Christmas sleeping arrangements and others still the issue lies in the food preparation. It can take a few gatherings and some growing pains, but lovingly stating your concerns to the people you celebrate with is the first step toward a more peaceful Christmas.

Most people will be happy with this once they realize that; it’s better that they have meaningful memories

then to have a “perfect occasion” where half the people there are strung out from stress.

Set the example If you truly want to have a more simple Christmas, and you have aligned your needs and priorities, it’s time to act on it. Honesty means telling the truth, it also is a way of life. Live honestly knowing or learning that you are enough even if you don’t come with all of the ribbons, bows, cookies and condiments. Choose what you will do and do it well.

Then step back, away from guilt, pride, judgement and enjoy the season, peace and be grateful.

Would you comment and share one thing you truly love about Christmas?


Skip Christmas?

28 Nov

My last post was all the joy and giddy feelings about Christmas. It felt good to express and rejoice in those moments.

Over the last little while, I’ve been seeing a lot of friends on Facebook making threats to skip Christmas! I guess this threatens me since I sincerely want others to enjoy the season the way I do.

It seems like the two main reasons for wanting to skip Christmas are how much money it seems to suck, and how much stress it brings.

So what if those two factors were skipped and we could enjoy the beauty of the holiday and the good things that don’t suck the life out of us. 

You can read my last post about how much I love Christmas and see a lot of happiness and good feelings coming through. That is genuinely how I feel these days. But in seasons past I struggled with Christmas time. Life was so busy. Year after year I felt like I was missing Christmas. Advent would come and go, Christmas productions would come and go, family gatherings would even come and go, and I felt like I just really wanted to stay home in bed through it all. What changed in that time?


An understanding that I am enough.

I don’t need to do it all or be it all.

I understand better what it means to stop



Be present.

Over then next couple weeks I would like to  share a list of my thoughts to keep Christmas or any day a little more stress free and a little easier on your wallet as well as meaningful. Maybe you’ll even find this Christmas contemplative.

What do you find is the hardest thing to balance at Christmas time?

Tis’ the season! Top 10 reasons I love Christmas!

22 Nov


I LOVE Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday for so many reasons! I know it’s not even December yet, but I’ve been waiting for Christmas since September- when I started working on Christmas gifts. So please humor me while I tell you why I love Christmas so much. 😉

10. November and December can be so dreary, the sun sets so early and the fall colours have all fallen away. It can feel rather depressing. Christmas lights and decorations help brighten and liven things up a little. (A turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright.)

9.I love how every home does essentially the same thing (tree, garlands, lights, nativity, gifts) yet in really unique ways. It’s a great season of personal expression, right down to traditions and gift giving tendencies. I was passed down a huge box of the decorations from my families home, so Christmas in my little urban apartment isn’t looking really all that different from what it was like when I was growing up in the old country home. This year I’m trying something new- Hand made Christmas! I’ve been crocheting like a mad woman!

8. I love all of the parties! It can make the season busy for some, but for me it just adds to the excitement and experience! I love going to friends homes to taste their treats and see their Christmas tree and hear about their favorite traditions. I ask the same question about family traditions at every gathering this time of year. Sorry people, I just am really curious and genuinely interested!

20131226_1242247.Christmas movies…another shout out to my bro: all the “claymation” (Frosty, Roudolf, Santa Claus…) ELF! I love more serious films like Nativity and classics like White Christmas too. Charlie Brown! :*)

6. I like decorating my apartment! It’s like a challenge every year to find the best place for the tree, and set it up in a way that my hubby can tolerate best tee hee! Good news! He told me he would joyfully participate in decorating it with me if I wait until  December! Happy marriage= some compromise 🙂

5. Christmas Music! I love the old fashioned Christmas music and Carols and I like the new upbeat stuff. It’s all good! It inspires a nostalgic and happy feeling.

4. I love the goodies! It’s become an adventure finding goodies I can eat without issues over the past few years, but goodness there are some wonderful options out there. This is the season to learn them all! Stay tuned to hear about my trial with a Gluten Free Vegan Ginger bread house coming soon! If anyone knows a good alternative to Eggnog, you’d be my new best friend 😉

3. Family! If you follow my blog, you know how much I adore my family and extended relatives. I love how at Christmas I get to see them all a little extra. Everyone makes amazing goodies and everyone contributes to the meal. This is awesome because in the kitchen, my relatives all ROCK! We also just have lots of fun memories being together. I love waking up Christmas Morning with my mom and dad and siblings. I remember lots of times fooling with my moms youngest sister and making everyone else laugh. I remember cuddling on the couch with my grandpa, and dad trying to drag an auntie under the mistletoe. I remember reading Christmas stories and praying together.


2. I love that with Christmas, I don’t have to try to enjoy or be excited about it. The anticipation of it simply brings me joy. I don’t care about making everything perfect and impressing others, I just enjoy the experience and take the great opportunity to share the love that’s overflowing. There is no forcing kindness this time of year, it all comes from a joyful heart.

1. The reason for the season. I’m joyful at Christmas time, not just because of the decorations and memories the food and family/ friends. There is a reason I have joy in my heart and a deep sense of anticipation. I’m waiting for something that is much bigger then myself. For that I am overflowing with gratefulness and joy.

May you experience great joy this Christmas season and all year!

moving forward, with a little help..

20 Nov

I’m feeling inspired to write about a very special person who has been in my life. She’s been walking with me through my young adult years. I’ve always felt like she’s an older version of myself. It’s because of the way she says things. So often what she understands and expresses is just what I am feeling or experiencing but don’t have the words to communicate it.


I think that life is better with people. I know that they can often make life so much more difficult, but then I realize that people like this special friend, make life, make sense.


Today, I am grateful for this friend.

I’m grateful for her learned wisdom,

for her her stories that offer me hope,

for being the mirror, her words are reveling to me so many things,

for understanding that pain doesn’t mean loss of joy.

For heavens sake reminding me that my journey doesn’t have to look perfect “though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for my god is WITH me.”


Anyone can eat Kimchi

19 Nov

This summer I had a kimchi making party! Many of my friends were interested but almost all of them asked how to eat kimchi. It’s a great question because kimchi has a pretty particular taste to it. I think that pretty much anyone can enjoy kimchi.

The most basic way to eat kimchi is to cut it into bite sized pieces and eat it with rice and maybe kim (seaweed)

Below is my own fusion style kimchi bokum bop (Kimchi Fried Rice). I love this meal!!! I can’t wait to make some for my friends this evening!

The finished product is read y to eat or to go away to ferment

I think anyone can enjoy kimchi!

1-2 cups of kimchi chopped (more kimchi= more spicy)
4 cups of cooked white sticky rice
6 strips of bacon cut to bite sized pieces (Optional)
1/2 onion Chopped
3 garlic cloves minced
thai pepper flakes to taste (optional if you like to make things extra spicy)
Kosher sea salt to taste
sesame seeds/ chopped green onion for garnish

Step 1
Fry the  bite sized pieces of bacon in a large wok

Step 2
Fry the chopped kimchi with bacon.
Add garlic and onion now if you are going to use them. (There is already garlic and onion in kimchi but it does enhance the flavor and texture to add them)

Step 3
When the kimchi is slightly lighter in color it is time to add the rice. Stir it all very well. Get all of your rice red. Add a tiny bit of water to help with mixing. Stir until thoroughly mixed and rice begins to get a bit crispy.

Step 4
garnish and enjoy with some kim


Quick at home iced tea

3 Jun

simple iced tea

Welcome to the hottest day yet this summer. It was 30°C  in Ottawa today, but I beat the heat with this super simple iced tea.

This tea is simple to make, and I like that its taste is simple too.

Two tea bags (black tea, like red rose)
A whole lemon sliced into coins or half coins
lots of water

A kettle
A tea pot
A large pitcher

Step 1
Get your water boiling in the kettle. I always chose my largest tea pot, to make the tea in. Throw the two tea bags into your pot, and when the water is boiled pour it into the pot, just like you were making it for friends. Then stick it in the fridge until it’s comfortable to touch.

Step 2:
Slice your lemon and place it in the pitcher along with your ice cubes. Pour the chilled tea into the pitcher with the lemons and ice

Step 3:
Add a few pieces of ice and a slice of lemon to a pretty cup and enjoy!

Simple as that!


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