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moving forward, with a little help..

20 Nov

I’m feeling inspired to write about a very special person who has been in my life. She’s been walking with me through my young adult years. I’ve always felt like she’s an older version of myself. It’s because of the way she says things. So often what she understands and expresses is just what I am feeling or experiencing but don’t have the words to communicate it.


I think that life is better with people. I know that they can often make life so much more difficult, but then I realize that people like this special friend, make life, make sense.


Today, I am grateful for this friend.

I’m grateful for her learned wisdom,

for her her stories that offer me hope,

for being the mirror, her words are reveling to me so many things,

for understanding that pain doesn’t mean loss of joy.

For heavens sake reminding me that my journey doesn’t have to look perfect “though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for my god is WITH me.”


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